#getkidsout Treasure Bags

This spring, we came up with the idea of putting together Treasure Bags for young adventurers to find while getting outside. The bags are filled with loot such as water bottles, beanie boos, gift cards, and t-shirts. No two bags are the same but all of them have fun surprises inside.

Ellie signs letters for businesses.

Ellie signs letters for businesses.

First, we wrote letters to businesses to see if they would support our grassroots idea. We visited different places and told them what we were trying to do, and though not all of them were receptive, we were super grateful and excited when some businesses gave us stuff! With their generosity, we were able to put our bags together.

The bags that we made have a message for finders on the outside of the bags. 


We plan to drop Treasure Bags throughout the summer, anywhere from British Columbia to Nova Scotia...in the places we will visit. You can get clues as to where we might be on our #getkidsout Instagram feed. To kick off our Treasure Bag Project, our first #getkidsout Treasure Bag drop was in Banff National Park near a set of Parks Canada red chairs (#sharethechair). 

First Bag Drop

For more fun information about our #getkidsout Treasure Bags, check out our video:


We are extremely grateful to the businesses and people that have contributed to our bags!

a sincere Thank You to:




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If you are interested in making a contribution of supporting our idea, please e-mail us at van@rollingwithvan.com. We will be collecting donations throughout the summer!