Welcome to #getkidsout

Getting kids adventuring outdoors is a large part of #getkidsout, but it isn’t the only focus. Creativity and imagination also play a large part in well-rounded little human beings, and so, along with adventuring and exploring, #getkidsout will also emphasize other things such as crafting, creating, building, and experimenting...the possibilities are endless!

Spearheaded by three little adventurers, this project’s mission is to encourage kids to get out, try things, and share positive outcomes.

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#getkidsouT Ambassadors:

Sophie ambassador

Hi, my name is Sophie and I love art, skiing, swimming, reading, paddle boarding and camping. I'm an Ambassador for #getkidsout to encourage YOU to get outside and have loads of fun! Last summer, I went almost all the way across Canada in our family van. we went through Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I swam in many lakes, but my favourite lake was Lake Superior. It was super cold but beautifully clear underwater. I loved it!! Cold but fun!!!

I wrapped up a great ski season and now I'm looking forward to the summer!

Ben ambassador

Hi, I'm Ben and I love road tripping in our van. Last year, we drove across Canada but this year, as an Ambassador for #getkidsout, my mission is to explore more of our backyard. I want to spend some time parking it in some of our very own provincial parks and share some of the things I find with you!! I love hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, skiing, and exploring new roads! When I'm not outside, I spend endless hours building and creating with LEGO.

Happy travels!

Ellie ambassador

I'm Ellie and I'm also an Ambassador for #getkidsout. I like to get outside and play. I especially enjoy finding special rocks, minerals, and gems. It's so much fun to find real fossils outside. I even like to find stuff in nature to craft with...but be careful...you can't always take nature out of the parks!! Besides hiking, biking, and camping, I also LOVE to do gymnastics. I practice everywhere I go, and love to find new places to do cartwheels, splits, and back walkovers. My other favourite thing is skiing...I love doing big jumps and going really super fast!



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