Let's Get This Show on the Road! #DriveCanada

I have made piles, loaded bins, unloaded the same bins, and then, reloaded them again. Trying to figure out the best way to get everything packed up in a manner that is conveniently accessible for our purposes.

Loading Black Betty

Loading Black Betty

Cargo net on the bed to secure our stuff.

Cargo net on the bed to secure our stuff.

Matt's tetris pack job.

Matt's tetris pack job.

Matt’s organizational skills have solved the best Tetris pattern for all the stuff at the back of the van.

Laundry piles have been folded and stuffed into duffels.

I’ve got groceries.

I’ve got toothpaste.

And I’ve got lots of thunders (underwear) times 4!

Do you know that point when you’re planning a trip, and you’ve put enough thought into it, that you’re just ready to go? The point where you feel like if you’re missing something, you make do without it or you succumb to the fact that you’ll just swipe your plastic along the way if you really need it?  Well, I’m there.

I’m so ready to get this show on the road.  Literally.

These passed few days, I've taken several extra long warm showers because I know that once we hit the road, this novelty could be rare. So I'm starting out squeaky clean!

And right now…I say:

Bring on the lakes!

Bring on the beaches! 

Bring on the hikes!

Bring on the bikes!

Bring on the campgrounds!

Bring on the flies!

Bring on the bugs!

Bring on the trees!

Bring on the sun!

Bring on the stars!

Bring on the wondering where we might sleep tonight.

Bring on The Hundredth Meridian.

Bring on the adventure.

Because I think I’m ready.

See you on the road people!

And if you see us, come say hi!  After a few days on the road with the kids, I will probably crave an adult or two to join me and raise a glass!

Rocking the pack job!

Rocking the pack job!


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