There are many benefits to Active School Travel and the #getkidsout crew is working on spreading the word. Collaboratively with Ever Active Schools and Shape Alberta, Sophie, Ben, and Ellie have prepared a library of short videos to promote active transportation, particularly associated with school travel. The library is available on their YouTube channel and embeddable across a number of platforms.

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Lace up your shoes and take the time to map out a safe route. Visit Shape Alberta at to register.

Benefits of Active School Travel:

The concept of walking to school is fabulous! After all, why not use our very own energy to propel us forward? To get us from point A to point B. It has been shown time and time again that the physical activity of walking improves attention spans and alertness in students. Reducing vehicular congestion in the school yard makes a safer space and provides a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Plus, the quality of air around the school yard can be improved. All this is great news, but we need to do this safely. This means safe kids (parents and kids), safe streets (proper infrastructure), and safe school zones (school communities).

In the meantime, if you’re thinking of starting to walk to school, here are some safety tips from Sophie:

These mini-clips belong to a series of videos put together by #getkidsout in collaboration with Ever Active Schools and Shape Alberta.

Stay tuned for more mini-videos by #getkidsout.

You can also find the #getkidsout Active School Travel Soundbite list on their GKO vlog: #getkidsout teams up with Ever Active Schools