Hello Friends!

Rolling with van is a website to log my adventuring experiences with the kids. The blog posts talk about the realities of traveling with kids and tries to keep a lighthearted funny outlook on some of the less than ideal experiences we find ourselves in. I would describe our family as somewhere in between softcore and hardcore...we can't compete with the amazing hardcore families that are out there but we have found our comfortable yet occasionally challenging middle ground so that we can all have fun. The posts also aim at promoting active lifestyles by getting outside and experiencing some of the places that are at our fingertips.

Last summer the kids and I drove across Canada. You can imagine that many conversations were had on the drive. One in particular, that they continued to talk about long after parking the van, was to have a space of their own to vlog about their experiences adventuring and exploring. So stay tuned because we are in the process of developing #getkidsout, a branch from the Rolling with Van site to give them space to express themselves and bring some of their experience to other kids and families.

I am working on other projects that I hope to bring to fruition in the next several months.

Thank you to all of those that made our Drive Canada Roadie a true success.

For now, keep on rolling!



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