Hi!  My name is Van and this summer I will be embarking on a trip across Canada with my three kids (ages 5, 8, and 10).  I firmly believe that when we step out of the box and accomplish certain challenges, we grow a sense of pride and confidence in our abilities to conquer.  Since my husband is unable to join us for the trek, I plan on driving 5000+ Km from Calgary to Cape-Breton.  I will document the trials and tribulations of my trip in the hopes that my messages will empower women to step out of the box and challenge themselves to do something that they otherwise would not.

I will be on a hunt to discover some of the Canadian gems that are easily attainable by car.  I will also attempt to log hike and bike kilometers on cross-country trails with the kids, keeping in mind that we will be limited by my youngest.  The kids will be exposed to tent camping for the first time as we roll along the country.  My goal is to prove to you that you don’t have to be hardcore to do these things; you just have to get out and do them. 

Ultimately, I want the kids to experience the true vastness of our country without overlooking the people that occupy it.  In order to achieve this, I will dedicate a section called Great Canadians so that we can take the time to appreciate the good people that make up this magnificent place we live in.

And so, come roll with me!


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