Rolling with Van started in 2017 when Van decided to drive across Canada with her kids, to explore the geography of their country. They spent 64 days on the road, racking up more than 14 000 km. 

Following their road trip, Van and her kids launched Get Kids Out (#getkidsout) - a fun platform to encourage kids to get outside, appreciate their surroundings, and promote active living. The kids continue to vlog and post short videos to share across social media platforms which you can explore further with this link: #getkidsout.  

#getkidsout Ambassadors: Ben, Ellie, & Sophie

#getkidsout Ambassadors: Ben, Ellie, & Sophie

The #getkidsout Ambassadors have been busy as bees putting together some sound bites in a collaborative effort with Ever Active Schools and Shape Alberta. Their latest vlog post brings all the sound bites in one spot for easy viewing and sharing. They’ve got lots of tips on walking and wheeling to school!

GKO Vlog: #getkidsout sound bites

A benefit of Active transportation with Ben

Did you know that carbon dioxide is the most important emission released from burning gasoline or diesel? The transportation sector adds large volumes of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere and is a strong contributor to making the planet warmer. (Prairie Climate Centre)

This soundbite is part of a collection prepared for Ever Active Schools and Shape Alberta.

I want to leave you with one, very important message, Moms, Dads, teachers, principals, don’t have to be sporty to be active!
— #getkidsout Ambassador Sophie, Grade 6.

You don’t want to miss Sophie’s award winning video as she delivers her very important message. Sophie advocates for inclusive and quality Phys. Ed programs and hopes to raise awareness about active living.

Great job Sophie!!

Kid tow

The Tow

My latest piece titled “The Tow,” is inspired by our times skiing in Fernie. I have seen this play out so many times…a “Little” without poles getting towed by an older sibling or friend. It truly warms my heart even on the coldest of days. (2018, Oil on Canvas)


Are your kids getting the best Phys. Ed (PE) experience they can? Why is it that my child, who is happy to be active outside of school, hates PE? I wrote a letter with my concerns in the shape of questions and PHE Canada gave me some insight. What are your thoughts?

Is PE failing our kids? A conversation between a parent and the experts sheds some light.

If you missed it, check out Global Calgary's piece on Rolling with Van: Ben's Hip Trip! 


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